Otter Lake Cottagers Association

History Of Otter Lake

This section of the website contains write-ups from former campers at Camp Otter as well as those who were present during the early days of cottages on the lake. Please feel free to submit your own narrative recollections of cottage life from days gone by. Historical photos would also be most welcomed and could be be added to the photos section.

A Tribute & Blessing from Reverend Stan Wootton

Kribs, Sousa, Thorne 60th Otter Lake Anniversary Celebration 1954 – 2014 A Tribute & Blessing from Reverend Stan Wootton “ROAD TO ADVENTURE” Bless the Kribs, Thornes and Sousas, O God, we pray, Keep us safe, strong and secure, night and day; Bless us all who hold this place so dear, With our hopes and dreams […]

Memories of Cottaging Alongside Camp Otter: By Su Penny

Our family built a cottage on Otter Lake 55 years ago and we rented a cottage for the year before this from the Shephards who owned a store on the lake. As a hobby, my dad built the rock wall along the beach at the Shephards that is still there today. Or cottage is situated […]

Memories Of Camp Otter Life: By Doug Webster

Went back to an old photo album and actually the year of that reunion at the farm was 1985 and not the mid 70s, so this this year marks 25 years since I was last at the lake.  Way too long.  I think back to the years I was at camp…..55 to 60 or thereabouts […]

Memories of Camp Otter: By Larry Rublee

My name is Larry Rublee and I was a camper, then a counselor at Camp Otter from the summer of 1957 through the summer of 1967…. Doug Webster encouraged former campers to contact you with memories and pictures for the 100th anniversary of the camp’s founding. It is difficult to convey in words what Camp […]

100th Anniversary of Camp Otter: By Doug Webster

We did have an Otter website at one point, but it has expired. However, Otter alumni do keep in touch with each other and have held a series of reunions over the years at about five year intervals and mostly in the Buffalo area since so many campers were from that area and many still […]

Early Days at Otter Lake: By George M. Cassie

In the latter 1940’s there were only a few cottages on “our” lake, then accessible by a rough gravel road as far as the Fletcher Bay corner. Nobody ventured beyond by car though travel was possible by horses and wagon. I recall seeing Nehemiah Clayton (father of D.W. “Wes” Clayton) coming into Dorset from his […]